September 21, 2023

Announcing Wandke Consulting

Daman Wandke on wheelchair bike

I am excited to announce the launch of my new consultancy, Wandke Consulting, as the premier resource to reduce accessibility barriers. Wandke Consulting embeds accessibility into the foundation of organizations and advances business leaders as disability advocates through a variety of services such as Web Accessibility Consulting, Disability Inclusion Training, Curriculum Development, and Inclusive Marketing Practices.

When I started my adventure as an entrepreneur, my goal was to make the travel industry more inclusive. Through my company, AbiliTrek, we produced two products over the years to help people with disabilities travel easier. The latest product, a search and review platform to rate and find the accessibility of any place is still online and available through product will only help people if we get a lot of data. As a startup company, we could not put enough funding into the platform in order to make it viable. Over the last few years, AbiliTrek has focused on consulting businesses on accessibility. This became confusing because most people associated AbiliTrek with travel when we were actually consulting on a variety of accessibility areas.

By rebranding our accessibility consulting company, we make it clear what we offer and provide clarity to those seeking our services. While we are rebranding our consulting company, AbiliTrek will still be live and will become a nonprofit. As a nonprofit, AbiliTrek is more likely to be successful in helping the disability community travel without boundaries. AbiliTrek can get the needed funding through grants to continue its mission while Wandke Consulting can focus on helping businesses across many areas of accessibility.

We look forward to helping more organizations increase accessibility and inclusion. Check out our services and share our information with anyone who may be interested in improving their accessibility and is dedicated to creating inclusive environments. We look forward to providing more clarity under the Wandke Consulting brand and incorporating disability into their diversity and inclusion efforts.

Please reach out to me with any thoughts that you have or connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.

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