Making Digital Engagement More Accessible for a Nonprofit

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PolicyWorks is one of the largest peer-mentoring non-profits in the United States that advocates for the inclusion of and independence for the disability community by creating connections for college and job transitions.


PolicyWorks needed to enhance its digital accessibility and engagement. The organization aimed to improve its social media presence, redesign its website for better accessibility, and create content for a peer mentoring module to support college and job transitions.


To address these challenges, PolicyWorks tasked Wandke with a comprehensive solution. Together, we:


Through this partnership, PolicyWorks significantly enhanced their digital presence and accessibility, furthering their mission to support and empower the disability community.

This also resulted in a more engaged and connected community through improved social media interaction, an accessible and user-friendly website serving as an inclusive resource for the disability community, and effective content aiding the successful transition of disadvantageed individuals from college to employment.

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