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Based in Bellingham, WA, Intellitonic focuses on helping businesses enhance their online presence through services like SEO, PPC, social media advertising, website development, and accessibility audits.


Intellitonic needed to ensure their clients' digital platforms were fully accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. This was critical for maintaining their clients' brand reputations, improving user experience, and meeting ADA compliance standards. Failure to address these accessibility issues could result in decreased engagement, lower conversion rates, and potential legal repercussions.



The partnership between Intellitonic and Wandke Accessibility led to a 53.4% increase in revenue, driven by enhanced accessibility features and unlocked marketing budgets. The collaboration resulted in a 67% year-over-year reduction in accessibility issues, significantly improving user experience and compliance with ADA standards. Additionally, the improvements in accessibility and website performance contributed to a 160% increase in keyword rankings, further boosting SEO performance. The success of the project strengthened organizational trust and paved the way for larger future engagements, ensuring a greater share of the compliance budget for subsequent contracts.

Alex Bruner of Intellitonic

"Daman has been an invaluable resource for our business since we first met in 2017 when Abilitrek attended a TAG sponsored panel we hosted about digital marketing. From that very first meeting Daman provided insights into how our office building could improve its accessibility."

Alex Bruner

Co-Founder of Intellitonic

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