Digital Accessibility Testing

Utilize our experts to guarantee your website’s accessibility with thorough testing.

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Comprehensive Testing

We combine manual and automated testing methods to ensure no accessibility issues are missed.

Expert-Led Approach

Our team consists of individuals with disabilities who bring real-life experience and deep expertise in accessibility standards and best practices.

Practical Insights

We provide detailed reports tailored to your unique situation and context.

Rigorous Accessibility Testing

We use a combination of manual and automated tools to help your digital platform serve all users with any disability.

Automated Tools: Quickly identify common accessibility issues using industry-standard software.

Manual Testing: Expert reviewers navigate your website with assistive technologies to uncover barriers automated tools might miss.

Combined Approach: Our unique combination of tools and processes enables us to generate highly granular insights tailored to the unique nature of your website or application.

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Image of a person reading braille

Any Type of Test

Our network of experts allows us to conduct a broad range of testing types for any objective.

Usability Testing: We employ real users with disabilities to navigate your website, providing authentic feedback on usability and accessibility.

Assistive Technology Testing: Ensure your website is compatible with various assistive technologies such as screen readers, magnifiers, or switch controls.

Heuristic Evaluation: Get a thorough and professional assessment of your website, identifying issues that users might not articulate during testing.

Full Stack Reporting

We deliver detailed reports with practical insights tailored specifically to your unique situation and context.

Identify Key Accessibility Issues: We provide detailed documentation of all accessibility barriers.

Prioritize UX Action Items: We develop clear, prioritized steps to address each issue.

Get a Roadmap for Improvement: Utilize expert advice on how to enhance overall accessibility.

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What types of disabilities should be considered during usability testing?

Usability testing should consider a wide range of disabilities, including visual impairments (blindness, low vision, color blindness), hearing impairments (deafness, hard of hearing), motor disabilities (limited dexterity, paralysis), cognitive disabilities (dyslexia, attention deficits), speech disabilities and more.

Why is usability testing important for accessibility?

Usability testing provides direct feedback from users with disabilities, revealing real-world challenges that automated tools might miss. This testing ensures that the website or application is not only compliant with accessibility standards but also truly usable by all users.

What is the difference between automated and manual accessibility testing?

Automated testing uses software tools to quickly identify common accessibility issues, while manual testing involves human evaluators who can assess more complex and context-specific barriers. Both methods are complementary and essential for a thorough accessibility evaluation.

How often should usability testing be conducted?

Usability testing should be conducted regularly, especially during the design and development phases of new websites or applications, after significant updates or redesigns, and periodically as part of ongoing accessibility maintenance to ensure continued compliance and usability.

How do you balance automated and manual testing in usability evaluations?

We start with automated testing to quickly identify common and easily detectable issues. This is followed by thorough manual testing, where our experts and users with disabilities evaluate the website to uncover complex, context-specific issues and ensure a holistic approach to accessibility.

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