Improving Digital Accessibility at a Public University

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Western Washington University is a public institution for higher education in Bellingham, WA, with a strong commitment to equity and justice, and respect for the rights and dignity of others.


Western Washington University's College of Business and Economics (CBE) formed the Accessibility, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (AEDI) Committee with the mission of creating an equitable and inclusive learning space for all students. The committee identified the need to address accessibility and inclusion to better support students with disabilities.


To tackle these challenges, a comprehensive solution was developed and implemented in three steps:

  1. We met with the WWU CBE AEDI committee to understand the specific accessibility and inclusion needs on campus, aiming to create a more inclusive space for students with disabilities.
  2. Using personal experience and expertise, we delivered a series of workshops and training sessions for WWU CBE faculty and staff, focusing on creating accessible and inclusive learning environments.
  3. We provided our disability perspective to develop modules and gather supplemental curricula content, enhancing disability representation within the College of Business and Economics.


Through this partnership, Western Washington University's College of Business and Economics has taken significant strides towards creating an equitable and inclusive learning space, reinforcing their commitment to accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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