September 21, 2023

Invest in the Disability Market

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There is an untapped $490 billion market of people with disabilities. Despite this large dollar power, disability is often underrepresented and overlooked. However, the population of people with disabilities calls for a more sustainably accessible market.

A Google study that drew from data from the World Bank and found that there are more hard of hearing users in the United States than there are individuals for the entire population of Spain! Furthermore, there are more users who are blind and low-vision in the United States than the entire population of Canada. These numbers speak loudly as not investing in accessibility translates into not being welcoming to these diverse communities. Ultimately, this causes organizations to miss out on the disability community’s dollar as people go where it is accessible to them.

Wandke Consulting seeks to help public institutions, like businesses and universities, become more accessible to ALL users. Wandke Consulting provides real-life disability  experience and empowers businesses to be more adequately accessible. Wandke Consulting understands that accessibility is more than a cookie cutter checklist as accessibility is not “one-size-fits-all”.

Furthermore, Wanke Consulting calls the world into action to become more Universally Designed, meaning all individuals who do and do not live with a disability can coexist within a system that allows for access to an equal opportunity. The market base will in turn increase when the call for accessibility is answered and made adequate for everyone, customers and owners alike.

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