September 20, 2023

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM): One Reason October is Meaningful

Man in a wheelchair with yellow gloves

People with disabilities face discrimination every day. ​​ Many people with disabilities don’t get hired or promoted because of their disability. Employers also tend to undervalue their skills and abilities. In addition, some people with disabilities aren’t able to access certain jobs due to a lack of accessibility. This leads to lower wages and fewer opportunities for the disability community as a whole.

In recent history, attention has been directed toward the barriers that the disabled community faces when seeking employment. There have even been federally recognized observances. October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)!

What is NDEAM?

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is a national campaign dedicated to increasing awareness about employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Each year, NDEAM focuses attention on the importance of hiring individuals with disabilities and celebrating their contributions to society.

The goal of NDEAM is to increase public awareness of the employment challenges facing people with disabilities. To accomplish this goal, NDEAM focuses on three goals:

• Increasing public awareness of employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities

• Encouraging employers to hire individuals with disabilities

• Promoting policies that create greater opportunities for people with disabilities to obtain employment.

Does Disability Discrimination in the Workplace Still Exist?

Employment rates for people with disabilities are lower than for those without disabilities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  (BLS), only 53 percent of working-age adults with disabilities have jobs, compared to 76 percent of non-disabled workers. Additionally, the BLS reports that the median annual wage for people with disabilities is $21,000, while the median annual wage for non-disabled people is $34,000. Employment is a basic human right. Everyone deserves equal opportunity regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and even disability. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was created to ensure that everyone gets equal treatment.

Why Should You Care?

The disability community is not limited to just certain individuals. There’s no way to predict when someone will get sick or injured. Anyone can become disabled at any time. Over 60 million Americans have a disability. To put it in perspective, that’s enough people to occupy the nation of Italy. With over 25 percent of the population having a disability, it is imperative that we as a community make sure that they have access to all services.

Why Should Businesses Care?

As a business owner, you are a leader in your community, whether you know it or not. Businesses have a responsibility to ensure that they are accessible to all customers. If you do not offer services to individuals with disabilities, then you may be missing out on potential clients who need your products or services. In addition, if you are not aware of how to make your facilities accessible, you could be violating federal laws.

How Can WC Help?

Wandke Consulting (WC) empowers organizations to build disability inclusion into the foundation of their practices. Through disability inclusion workshops and website accessibility compliance, WC helps clients foster a more welcoming environment for people with disabilities.

Technology is changing every day. As technology advances, so does our understanding of accessibility. It is our hope that one day, we may live in a completely accessible society. Until then, we need to keep working hard to make sure that everyone can benefit from the advancements in technology.

If it weren’t for the advocacy of employment for individuals who have disabilities, founder of Wandke Consulting, Daman would not be in the high-level position he is in today.  

Our Disability Awareness Training is a great way for you and your team to learn how to make your business more accessible to people with disabilities.

Our one-hour workshop will help you understand what it means to have a disability, why people with disabilities need accommodations, and how to provide those accommodations. Show that your business is committed to the inclusion revolution by ensuring that your providing a space for equitable access!

We are extending our October training session to November! Sign up today to save 20% off our 1-hour disability training session.

Click on the following link to sign up and save on your next training! Wandke Consulting NDEAM Sign Up

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