September 21, 2023

The Techy Ramp to Technology

People walking up and down zig zagging ramps

What is a digital ramp up in your website technology?

A ramp is the epitome of access; no one would dismiss a ramp as not being accessible. In fact, some people even go to the extent of using the existing ramps as proof that locations are completely accessible. Aren’t ramps enough? Regarding both onsite locations AND websites, the answer is no.

When it comes to technology, ramps are certainly not that useful. Maybe there is a scenario or two in which they may, but in general, ramps are not the answer for creating accessibility for websites or apps for people with dexterity disabilities. Many people with dexterity disabilities cannot physically access their computer, tablet, or phone in the original way that designers planned. However, there is a solution! Switch devices are the metaphorical ramp of technology.

Switch devices are a literal one-button-touch device that can be used to provide access to a plethora of technologies through an innovative system. However, the capabilities of Switch devices are meaningless when blocked by a lack of compatibility; programs must be compatible with Switch technology in order for the said programs to be accessible. This is where Switch testing comes into play.

What is Switch Testing for Websites?

Switch testing is often performed by people with disabilities who use a switch device every day. This is known as usability testing.

A switch user will test and document how compatible a webpage or a piece of technology is with their switch device. This type of testing ensures that the user can accomplish everything the webpage or technology was intended to do for any user.

The Importance of Switch Testing

The importance of Switch technology compatibility goes beyond being in compliance with the law. Millions of website and app users depend on accessibility features within software in order to operate them effectively via Switch devices. If these critical features are not present, many users may find these services unusable.

When it comes to accessibility and the market, every business owner should be evaluating how accessible their services really are to ensure a strong market base now and into the future. Those of us with disabilities are here and ready to use your product(s). So please create an inclusive service that is accessible to all, even if it is not by building that notorious physical ramp. Test your products and ensure that they are compatible with Switch devices so they are accessible to all.

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