February 26, 2024

Unveiling Tomorrow's Inclusion: Daman Wandke to Speak at the 2024 B Corp Champions Retreat in Vancouver, Canada

B Corp Champions Retreat 2024 Logo "Restore"

In a world where accessibility and inclusion are of paramount importance, there are trailblazers with specialized knowledge and experience whose voices carry a particularly meaningful message. We are thrilled to announce that Daman Wandke, CEO of Wandke Accessibility, will be gracing the stage at the highly anticipated 2024 B Corp Champions Retreat in Vancouver, Canada. With a spotlight on “Designing for Accessibility: Inclusive Practices for Your Digital Presence."

About the Event

The B Corp Champions Retreat is an annual event organized by B Lab, bringing together leaders from B Corps worldwide to collaborate, celebrate successes, and drive positive social and environmental change. Attendees engage in activities like keynote speeches, workshops, and networking sessions to deepen their understanding of sustainable business practices and explore innovative solutions to global challenges. The retreat fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among B Corps, reinforcing their commitment to using business as a force for good.

This year’s event, set to take place in Vancouver, Canada, from March 18 through the 22nd, features a central theme of “Restore”. Attendees will be guided on a journey to restoration through speeches, service opportunities, and community events and engagement. As a recently certified Benefit Corporation, Wandke Accessibility is proud to have Daman attend and represent our brand.

The Session - Designing for Accessibility: Inclusive Practices for Your Digital Presence

The disability community likely comprises the largest minority in the world, yet it is a demographic that is largely overlooked by organizations looking to engage with potential customers. In this breakout session featuring Daman, attendees will be given the knowledge to create a truly accessible and inclusive digital community. This event is set to take place Thursday, March 21st from 3-4 PM and will feature a Q&A from the panelists.

Some of the takeaways attendants can expect:

The Panelists

Daman will be a featured panelist alongside Maiya Holliday and Jay Wall. Maiya is the CEO of Mangrove Web and a top accessibility voice on LinkedIn. Her digital agency assists change-making organizations in creating transformational brands and websites. She looks to share her knowledge of web development and coding to develop accessible digital platforms. Jay serves as the Principal Creative Director for Briteweb, an organization dedicated to helping brands achieve their social impact and positive change goals. Jay looks to use his creative background to give advice on creating accessible elements, including color, contrast, and inclusive imagery. Daman looks to use his accessibility consulting experience to share insight on creating inclusive digital platforms and fostering inter-organizational accessibility through inclusive practices.

Join Us on This Restorative Journey

This event represents a pivotal moment in the journey towards a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive world. As attendees gather to share their insights, experiences, and aspirations, they are not merely charting the course for their organizations but shaping the future of business itself. Let us seize this opportunity to come together, inspire one another, and harness the power of business as a force for good. We invite those attending the Champions Retreat to attend this breakout session and schedule a time to meet with Daman and talk. Contact us to schedule a time to meet with Daman.

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Unveiling Tomorrow's Inclusion: Daman Wandke to Speak at the 2024 B Corp Champions Retreat in Vancouver, Canada
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